YAYAYA is woman-owned and was founded in Austin, TX, by conservation biologist and herbalist Rachael Young. Young met the yaupon plant for the first time in the woods of west Texas in 2015. In 2016 she began wildharvesting, curing, and bottling her own yaupon beverages under the brand name Texana Tea. They got statewide distribution and quickly grew a cult following. In 2018 the name was changed to YAYAYA to represent the elevated way that yaupon makes you feel, and the rest was history. 
YAYAYA is dedicated to indigenous celebration and reparations. Our team is entirely grateful to be in service to this uplifting and positively powering native plant. Since the pandemic year of 2020, we've been providing uplifting and immune boosting support in the form of YAYAYA Yaupon to a group of indigenous elders in the Dakotas including Standing Rock Sioux. Your support of YAYAYA helps us to support these national treasures, to encourage positive interactions with nature, and provides the simple yet hard to find mood boosting uplift that we all need right now.