YAUPON: the native North American holly plant that makes an uplifting and delicious brew and gives natural caffeine something to be even more joyful about! Cousin to South American caffeinated hollies yerba maté and guayusa, yaupon is a wonderful solution to our constant energizing needs and is a most healthful addition to a daily regimin. It naturally contains stimulants caffeine and theobromine, lots of anti-inflammatory quercetin, and early studies have shown it to contain more antioxidants per weight than green tea! It's prolific and wild, and naturally grows sustainably and regeneratively. Despite funding given by governmental and private organizations to certain companies to innovate the growth and supply chain of the industry, the entirety of commercial product is still wild and hand-harvested.

FUN FACT: When wild yaupon plants are taken out of the forest for transplanting into agricultural rows, and their nurse plants and shade companions are removed, the increased sun makes their new growth leaves grow back much smaller. This means that their domesticated properties are shown to be somewhat less food-like than when growing in the wild! This is also the growing behavior to date of plants propagated with the cloning process. There is yet to be a viable effort toward seed propagation for food-like traits but we feel it coming. 
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The American Yaupon Association was started as a collective effort by several early adopters of the American yaupon industry. Meet them here:







Founded by Florida police officer Bryon White, and his brother, Kyle, these strong young white male landowner bros flavor their yaupon with a mixture of natural chemical flavor sprays, such as coconut, and herbs. Branding is an appropriated mixture of Native American art, and an early European colonizer depiction of Indigenous historical use of yaupon. 
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Founders Jason Ellis and Heidi Wachter highlight yaupon as the flint of the Texas forest, which through their management and removal, you can help save Texas from forest fires! Their focus is on transforming the native landscape from the yaupon dominance and understory and by clearing they aim to create habitat for a  toad in the greater Austin, TX, area called the Houston Toad. Flavor variations are various levels of lightness to darkness from applied heat. Branding is vibrant and shows the toad.

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Catspring Yaupon was founded by two Texan sisters, JennaDee and Abianne. They surveyed their family land after the devastating extreme draught of 2011, and found the yaupon plant to be the only thing left thriving. As academics, they dug deeper and resourced peer reviewed studies highlighting the functional benefits of yaupon and saw the potential for an industry. They've won several leadership awards and currently provide the majority if not entirety of wholesale yaupon in the supply chain to other yaupon tea and beverage companies. Branding is Texas place-based names with soft colors, and they often use the tagline "Curate A Moment." Flavors are light to dark roast.

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Livin' in their hometown of Austin, Texas, Local Leaf founders Stacy Coplin and Eric Knight created their yaupon products by drawing inspiration out of the Chinese tea plant. Their main focus is a powdered yaupon product that they call "yaupon matcha." Jumping on the foraging trend, they've put lots of effort toward being recognized as local authorities of Austin-based wild edible plants and recently authored a field guide on their favorite plants to forage in Texas. Their main commercial product is a yaupon matcha, branding is clean anad very tea-like, with a green leaf, and they boast lots of Texas pride and gather ATX awareness by being "local, y'all." 
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The most very recent addition to the American Yaupon Association, Yaupon Teahouse founder Lou Thormann's past in the rice industry made his effort for solving the yaupon supply chain seem natural. But although he acquired much land and received several large governmental grants to grow and process yaupon, the challenge for commercial supply of his own has yet to come to fruition. Instead he's landed his focus with a small boutique in Savannah, GA, that offers several yaupon skincare products and several types of yaupon tea. Partnering with Texas wholesale supplier Catspring Yaupon for yaupon procurement, Yaupon Teahouse products are also branded as Asi Yaupon Tea.  Flavors are herbal, branding is a mix of several names and brand styles and Indigenous imagery. 

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 Founded by conservation biologist and herbalist, Rachael Young, whose entire life has been like a 2020. Beginning in 2016, Young wildharvested, cured, hand brewed and bottled her original yaupon tea brand, Texana, flavored with functional herbs and honey. They grew statewide in Texas before rebranding to YAYAYA Yaupon. Brand vibes are bright and uplifting with the tag "An Elevated Vibe." Flavors are differentiated with functional organic herbs.  YAYAYA's work in the community is dedicated to healing and justice, and they share products nationwide to uplift those in need including to the elders of Standing Rock and aged out of foster care youth. 

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